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We’re oral care product innovators who believe smiles make the world go ‘round.

John Jansheski, our fearless post-meal flosser, turned his dentist father’s ingenious invention—the Dental Pik—into DenTek, an oral care products business based out of Petaluma, California. Since 1984, DenTek has provided innovative oral care products to consumers who love to smile, but don’t want to show everyone what they had for lunch or how much they grind their teeth.

DenTek moved to Maryville, Tennessee in 2001 to launch dozens of innovative oral care products. As our world continues to grasp for a great smile, we’re thinking up new oral care products daily. We added a professional division in 2007 to help oral health care professionals encourage patients to give their smiles a little love. Together, we can achieve oral health for life.

What makes us smile at DenTek? Our oral care product business is moved by growth opportunities, integrity and humility, teamwork, innovation, and a passion for excellence.

What makes you smile? Share with us what makes you smile on the DenTek Facebook page.

We help people have healthy smiles, and we’re not afraid to eat spinach at lunch.

Our team creates opportunities for growth. We value integrity and humility. We depend on each other for success. Our future is driven by innovation. We share a passion for excellence. We help consumers have healthy smiles. Plus most of us eat corn-on-the-cob…because we can.

What makes you smile?

Share with us what makes you smile on the DenTek Facebook page.

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DenTek Team

When you're in a business that helps people feel better and have nicer smiles, it's easy to feel good about what you do.

Our value statement sums it up best: DenTek is an opportunity for growth. We value integrity and humility. We are dependent on each other for success. Our future is driven by innovation. We share a passion for excellence. We know how to have fun.

  • John John Founder
  • Dave Dave CEO and President
  • Greg Greg Chief Financial Officer
  • Keeli Keeli Human Resources Director
  • Bob Bob Global VP of Sales
  • Geoff Geoff Senior VP of Manufacturing Engineering & Quality
  • Eric Eric Product Development Director
  • Jamie Jamie Senior Graphic Design
  • Dot Dot EDI Specialist
  • Jeff Jeff Global Sourcing Manager
  • Sid Sid Marketing/R&D Project Director
  • Kari Kari International Manager
  • Jason Jason Shipping / Receiving Supervisor
  • Alicia Alicia Quality ControlTechnician
  • Dwayne Dwayne Sales Director
  • Michael Michael Materials & Manufacturing Project Engineer
  • Mitzi Mitzi National Accounts Manager
  • Chris Chris R&D Engineer/Marketing
  • Melissa Melissa Associate Brand Manager
  • Emily Emily Associate Digital Marketing Manager
  • Danielle Danielle Quality Project Manager
  • Patricia Patricia Senior Consumer Affairs Representative
  • Lindsay Lindsay Graphic Designer
  • Irene Irene Supply Chain Manager
  • Sean Sean VP of Operations
  • Madeline Madeline Supply Chain Coordinator
  • Morgan Morgan Procurement Analyst
  • Deborah Deborah Controller
  • Stephanie Stephanie Business Development Manager
  • Tom Tom Industrial Design Engineer
  • Jay Jay Sales Analyst
  • Aimee Aimee Financial Analyst
  • Rachel Rachel Brand Director
  • Kelly Kelly Brand Manager
  • Randy Randy Director of Distributor Markets
  • Heather Heather Accountant
  • Gosia Gosia Senior Accountant
  • Marco Marco Regional General Manager Europe
  • Donna Donna Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Terry Terry Safety/Production Manager
  • Linda Linda Regulatory Specialist
  • Leni Leni Operations Coordinator
  • Haley Haley Operations Analyst
  • Sean Sean Operations Analyst
  • Sarah Sarah Human Resources Coordinator
  • Bethany Bethany Sales/Category Manager
  • Luke Luke IT Specialist

DenTek Smiles Donation Program

DenTek takes its mantra, Oral Health for Life very seriously and focuses on supporting organizations where we can uniquely add value and encourage oral health. Over the last 30 years DenTek has donated to oral care education programs in classrooms across the nation, underprivileged children, military families and disaster relief programs. As a worldwide leader in innovative oral care products including floss picks, interdental brush cleaners, dental guards for nighttime bruxism, disposable dental picks, braces care and dental repair we are thankful for the opportunity to help so many great causes.

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  • Buying/Shopping

    Where can I buy your products?

    Our products are also available from major retailers such as: Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreen's, CVS, Rite Aid, Kmart, Long's Drugs, Kroger, Safeway, Publix as well as many others. Look for us next to the toothbrush section.

    I purchased a product from a retail store and don't like it. Can I get my money back?

    DenTek does not offer a money-back guarantee on all of our products. Please visit the retail store you purchased it from to inquire about their return policy. If you are unable to return your product, please call 1-800-4DenTek and our consumer affairs representatives will be happy to help you find a product that better suits your needs.

  • Company

    Where is your company located?

    We are located in Maryville, Tennessee, right outside of Knoxville. GO VOLS!

    What are your hours of operation?

    DenTek's hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, excluding major holidays.

    I am interested in distributing DenTek products. How do I go about doing that?

    We are not seeking new distributors or overseas distributors at this time, but thanks for thinking of us.

    Do you only sell products to consumers?

    No. We just launched a professional line of products for dentists and dental professionals. Look for links to professional content here on

    I'm interested in joining the DenTek family because I love working with oral care products. What kinds of job opportunities are available?

    We are excited to know there are other oral care zealots out there too. Send your resume to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll pass it along to the right people.

  • Product

    Your products are made overseas in places like China, India, and Vietnam. I've recently heard about some issues about products there. Are yours safe?

    DenTek prides itself on making quality oral care products. ALL of our products are continually tested through independent labs and we have found no harmful substances in any of our products. We use very trustworthy and respectable suppliers overseas. We do not believe in doing business with companies that do not hold themselves to the same ethical standards that we do.

    Do you test your products on animals or are there any animal-like substances found in any of your products?

    We do not test our products on animals. We have marketing interns for that. We also do not use any part of any animal in the making of our products.

  • Other

    I heard that there's a connection between gum disease and heart disease. Is that true?

    Yes. While there are several theories as to the exact reason, it has been shown that those with periodontal disease are nearly twice as likely to suffer from heart disease. In fact, periodontal disease can worsen heart conditions in general. Studies have also found evidence of a link between periodontal disease and stroke.

    I just realized I'm grinding my teeth at night. What can I do?

    Three Words: DenTek Dental Guard. This easy-to-fit, highly affordable solution will help you avoid the potentially devastating effects of Bruxism (night time teeth grinding.)

    My doctor said there is plaque in my arteries. Could this be because I haven't gone to the dentist for a cleaning in over a year?

    No. The plaque in your arteries and the plaque on your teeth are completely different. But you should still schedule a cleaning. And lay off the potato chips.

    At what age should children start flossing?

    Once any two teeth touch one another, it's time to start flossing. Usually they won't be able to adequately floss their teeth on their own until they're about nine. Until this time, you will probably need to do it for them.

    What's the difference between plaque and tartar?

    Tartar is plaque that has hardened on your teeth. Tartar gives plaque more surface area to grow on. Also, it's more porous and therefore absorbs more stains. To avoid buildup, brush and floss daily.

    Does mint flavored floss help get rid of bad breath?

    Actually, all floss reduces bad breath. Flossing removes bacteria and it's bacteria that's responsible for bad breath.

    There are so many types of new toothbrushes. Are there any that can do double duty so I don't have to floss?

    Not now and probably not ever. It's simply a matter of surface area - a toothbrush can't reach every surface. In fact, brushing only cleans about 70% of your teeth. Flossing takes care of the other 30%.

    Is it better to brush first or floss first?

    Whichever you prefer. The important thing is to do both.

    How do I know if I'm flossing correctly?

    A good place to begin is with a visit to DenTek's Floss University. Pull up a chair and check out our instructional videos about flossing technique. Or consult your dentist or hygienist.

    Declaration of Material Composition

    DenTek Oral Care, Inc. confirms to the best of its knowledge, based on the review by our Original Manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, and our product specifications, that DenTek products are not manufactured from materials that are derived from or contain the substances on the list below. DenTek also confirms that our products are not produced on equipment that has any contact with these substances or product that may contain these substances. Therefore the likelihood of any allergic reaction due to the presence of the substances on this list is negligible and highly improbable.

    List of substances:










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