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Floss Picks + Case

Get a fresh clean mouth anytime, anywhere. Traveling made easy.

With DenTek's Floss Picks + Case, flossing on the go has never been easier. Each sanitary case comes pre packed with 6 Comfort Clean Floss Picks and fits conveniently in pockets, purses or travel bags.  

For the flosser on-the-go.

Don't get stranded with food stuck in your teeth! DenTek Floss Picks + Case

  • Have Germ Shield protection to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Come in 5 vibrant colors
  • Are packed with 6 Comfort Clean Floss Picks per Case, which are great for tight teeth and sensitive gums
  • Are available in 2 count or 4 count packs

Instructions for Use

Flossing Instructions:

  • Gently slide floss up and down between teeth allowing the floss to wrap around teeth.
  • Clean above and below the gum line.
  • Rinse as necessary.

Pick Instructions:

  • Place pick between teeth and gently press against the gum.
  • Use an in and out motion to remove food particles and stimulate gums.
  • Rinse as necessary.

Tongue Cleaning Instructions:

  • Extend your tongue.
  • Place the Tongue Scraper on the back of your tongue and pull forward, skimming the surface of your tongue.
  • Rinse as necessary.


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