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Comfort-Fit Dental Guard

Protect and cushion your teeth from nighttime teeth grinding.

DenTek's Comfort-Fit Dental Guard protects your teeth from nighttime teeth grinding by cushioning teeth and keeping them apart with the least material possible.

Reduce damage to teeth and prevent noise associated with teeth grinding.

Nighttime teeth grinding, or bruxism can destroy your teeth and wreck your smile. Boil free and fully adjustable, the DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guard will reduce damage to teeth and prevent noise associated with grinding.


  • Adjustable and Easy to Fit: One size fits most mouths with easy five point adjustment system.
  • Comfortable Retention Wall: Improves retention to keep guard in place during use.
  • No Boiling Dental Guard: Ready to use. Easy adjustable fit requires no heating and molding.
  • Durable Non-Bulky Bite Pads: Help to prevent your upper and lower teeth from touching. By placing the dental guard over one lower molar pair, you get the same level of protection as a full coverage dental guard.
  • Storage Case: Hinged storage case protects the guard while not in use.


Protection from Nighttime Teeth Grinding

From date of purchase, we guarantee this dental guard will give you 6 months of protection or we will refund your money.  Proof of purchase is required.  See details inside package.

  • How to use Dental Night Guards
  • How to use Dental Night Guards
  • How to use Dental Night Guards

Instructions for Use

Use your Comfort Fit-Dental Guard:

  • Rinse your dental guard in warm water.
  • Place on your lower teeth and bite down.
  • Use a mirror to check that the molar pads cover at least half of your last molar.
  • If your dental guard doesn't cover at least half of your last molar, make an adjustment.

Adjust your Comfort-Fit Dental Guard

  • Slide the molar pad back one notch to adjust.
  • Repeat on the other molar pad so both are aligned.
  • Test for fit, and continue to adjust as needed.
  • NOTE: Molar pads can be moved five positions.

Clean your Comfort-Fit Dental Guard

  • After each use, brush your dental guard with toothpaste and/or mouthwash. Never rinse in hot water as it could alter the shape.

Replace your Comfort-Fit Dental Guard

  • Check your dental guard monthly for wear.
  • The life of your dental guard depends on how often you grind and the force of your teeth grinding.
  • Your dental guard can last up to six months.

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