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Floss Threaders

Making flossing around braces and dental work easy.

DenTek Floss Threaders take the difficulty out of cleaning around bridges, braces, and implants.

Keeping your braces and dental work clean is tough, but a very important part of oral health. DenTek's Floss Threaders make it easy to floss:

  • Simple loop fits any type of floss
  • Flexible tip inserts into small spaces in a snap
  • Case keeps threaders organized and clean

Instructions for Use


  • Use approximately 16 inches of dental floss.
  • Pull 4 to 5 inches of floss through the loop of the threader.
  • Pass floss threader through space between teeth or under appliance.
  • Remove floss from floss threader and begin normal flossing.
  • Use with your preferred dental floss.

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