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Superior relief for dry mouth.

Long lasting day and nighttime relief of dry mouth. 

DenTek’s OraMoist Dry Mouth Patch adheres easily to the inside of the mouth and releases ingredients that increase moisture and lubricate the mouth.

  • Keeps mouth moist for hours
  • Sugar and alcohol free
  • Proven effective

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use:

Place the Dry Mouth Patch on a clean, dry finger with the convex or round pink side up. Place the pink side on one side of the roof of the mouth (palette), halfway back and hold in place for 10 seconds. The patch will adhere to the palette for up to 4 hours and then dissolve. Use up to three patches a day.

Alternate Application for Denture wearers: Attach the patch on the inside of the cheek. Do not attach to dentures or appliances.

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